The most famous social messenger on the internet today – Whatsapp has introduced group privacy settings. Although it was introduced earlier this year but many users are still unaware of its presence and how to make it work. Using these options users are able to control who can and can’t add them to the group conversations. With this feature, users can be saved from getting added to the unwanted random groups which they don’t want to be a part of and also prevent them from re-adding once they left the group. Although, Whatsapp Update new version has just introduced something called Blacklist option.

Earlier there was a Nobody option and by selecting that you could block the people from randomly adding you to group chats. Although to many users it seemed like a bothering setting. The new blacklist option of Whatsapp makes a lot of sense.

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WhatsApp Update New Version

The new WhatsApp Beta Update with build number 2.19.300 which was released earlier today is featuring this setting mode. The Nobody option has been replaced by “My contacts except” which will allow you to keep out contacts who can add you to groups without your consent.

To use this feature, you have to go to WhatsApp settings > Account > Privacy > Groups. The nobody option would have been greyed out and won’t be available to use anymore. The contacts on your blacklist would have to seek your permission before adding you to a group whereas the contacts that are not included in the blacklist can add you to a group without taking permission.

Apart from that, WhatsApp has also introduced a group setting feature that allows users to look over the group’s functioning. To be the admin and choose who can and can’t send the messages. Whatsapp is still working on many new cool features including the WhatsApp Dark Theme Mode to make the night mode chatting easy for the users and to compete against other messengers.