Refurbished accessories including Refurbished mobiles and refurbished computers and other electronic equipment is a more efficient and economical way to purchase high-quality electronics in cheap prices. Everyone wants premium quality gadgets but not everyone can afford it. With Refurbished products this is possible. Firstly, you will save a considerable amount of money as refurbished products are priced almost half or even less of the original price of the product and you are also kind of recycling thus saving the environment. This trend has been in practice in other western countries but in India, it has recently started and become very popular, thanks to the grand Indian market. Although there are a few sites and apps offering premium – commercial level refurbished electronics in budget price in India but most customers are not aware of it. So in this article, we have assembled a list of top sites for refurbished accessories and factory second goods and products online. Check out these best websites to buy refurbished products in India.


certified refurbished

Overcart is one of the best websites to buy refurbished products in India. It is India’s first marketplace for over-stocked, unboxed, used and refurbished electronic products. It has filters and an amazing searching process. With all-around cross-checking and quality check process. This website offers overall great product information and they make sure customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Safe to say, it is the safest and the most economical way to buy used and refurbished products in India.


cheap refurbished phones is a new emerging E-commerce Indian company and they have a wide range of electronics appliances. From new products to unused factory seconds, refurbished, carton damaged, used and surplus products of some of the most popular brands in the world. All the products that are being featured on their lists comes with at least a 6-month assured warranty. is for all those people who want to buy branded smartphones, laptops, and other accessories at low and affordable prices.

3. Amazon Refurbished

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The world’s biggest E-commerce company Amazon has also a refurbished segment and you can get great value for money products like Refurbished smartphones and tablets at almost manufacturing conditions. The devices here are professionally restored and comes with the company given warranty. You can buy refurbished products from companies like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, and other big giants. Amazon India is known for providing a long list of cheap smartphones and laptops at the most reasonable prices.

4. Snapdeal Refurbished

iphone 6s plus refurbished

You can purchase refurbished products on Snapdeal specifically Refurbished smartphones. New smartphones are arriving every single day and it is becoming hard to keep up with the latest tech with new upgrades and features every coming day. It’s not at all economical for everyone to keep up with the latest tech smartphones so one of the best ways to keep up with the technology is to buy refurbished phones as they are reasonably cheap and don’t lay wrath upon your pockets. India’s largest marketplace Snapdeal offers some of the best deals in refurbished phones from the biggest brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi, InFocus, Lenovo, and others. You can browse through the refurbished/unboxed mobile phones section and buy your favorite mobile phones.


certified refurbished mobiles

This site is amongst the best. is the leading marketplace for Indian bulk-buyers and it provides refurbished, factory seconds, surplus, overstocked, open boxed products at the guaranteed lowest prices. Apart from online stores, they have physical retail stores as well. They have different categories of products and its the best marketplace to buy different variety of products from refurbished smartphones, laptops, electronic gadgets, mobile accessories, batteries, ACs, Washing Machines, DSLR Cameras, LED TV, Desktops, Blenders, Personal Health Care products and much more of brands such as Sony, Apple, HTC, Whirlpool, Nokia, Videocon, Phillips, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and other top companies.


These are the best websites to buy refurbished products in India. You can buy the cheapest and guaranteed products from these sites. If you have any questions and if you have any addition to make to this list, feel free to share with us in the comments section.