When it comes to protecting your computer, there is one name that everyone must be familiar with – Norton antivirus. Nortan has been the resistance standing between your devices and the malware trying to attack it. Norton has various products. Norton Antivirus 2019 and also Firewall protection to your Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Although it is available for once in a year subscription fees that vary according to the level of protection and many other factors, there is also a free trial version of Norton available. But you should opt for the paid version as it comes with maximum benefits. Down below you can check how to download and install Norton Antivirus in 2019.

How To Install Norton Antivirus in 2019

If you are using Norton Internet Security 2019 for the first time and are unsure of how to download and install it on Windows, check out the following steps and follow them.

1. Open Google Chrome browser on your computer.

2. Visit Norton.com.

3. Go to the setup tab.

4. Now you will see Norton ‘s Get Started page, select the Download Norton option.

5. Click on Agree & Download.

6. Now the Norton Setup will be downloaded on your computer.

7. Once the download is complete, open the file and begin the installation process.

8. Now, the My Norton Downloader option will appear. When all the necessary files are downloaded, you will see a Windows User Account Control warning message, asking you if you want Norton to make changes in your device, tap on “Yes”.

9. Now My Norton Downloader UI will open up on the screen, click on Install.

10. The Norton Security package will now be installed on your device. The process could take up to several minutes, depending on your processor’s speed.

11. Once it’s done, you will see a window stating, ‘Communicating with the Norton server……’. It will take a couple of minutes and then your Norton Internet Security is activated. A message will be flashed on the Installation window that your device is now protected.

13. The Norton App will open now and introduce you to its features, you can tap the start button for it, or tap skip button to Skip Tour.

14. Now you will see the Norton Internet Security dashboard which will display the elements including your protection status and recent scan details. From here you can manage your settings, see your subscription status and period, do a manual virus scan and much more.


This is how you can download and install Norton Antivirus in 2019 in Windows. If you have something else to add or have any queries, make sure to let us know in the comments section.