The new schedule for the smartphone company Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 in India has been released on October 16. Xiaomi has confirmed that the MIUI 11 will be accessible in the older devices like Redmi 4 and Redmi Note 4. The new update will offer many exciting changes visually, graphically and performance-wise too. The new updates will help your smartphone with more endurance, speed, and extended performance. In this article, we are going to talk about the best new MIUI 11 features and updates that are about to grace your MI smartphones. So, let’s take a look at the top new miui 11 updates list.

1. Cool Standard Design

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Xiaomi is known for providing flagship-level features at a very minimalistic price on their smartphones. But mostly there have been many inconsistencies with their UI with many features lagging which seems like user experience is not always a priority to the company, some of these inconsistencies are non-uniform icon shape, not so good animation and UI design which seems out of the place. Although, the new MIUI update will change all that and more. The new MIUI features look quite sharp with pleasant design throughout the interface. MIUI 11 is focusing on a smooth UI transition. The icons are inbound into a square cabinet which looks pretty cool. The animation overall looks pretty sleek too. The new font with dynamic font scaling is stylish and can be adjusted providing a great riding experience. According to Xiaomi, the MIUI 11 has been designed for a full-screen experience and one thing for certain is that it does not disappoint.

2. New MI Share

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MI Share is Xiamoi’s own data-sharing software. Using it you can share or transfer files between any two Xiaomi smartphones. Although the new MIUI updates feature an upgraded MI Share and using it you can share long files across two smartphones in a matter of time. While earlier, file sharing was only restricted to two MI smartphones, Xiaomi has now partnered with Oppo, Vivo, Realme to make possible the transfer among their smartphones as well. You can have up to 82MBPS of transfer rate now which is pretty awesome. To access Mi share you have to go to Settings > Connection and Sharing > MI Drop. The connection quality has been improved and the transfer rate is far superior. Once fully implemented on all the other common devices, this feature is going to be a game-changer.

3. Ultra Battery Saver

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MI has always been providing catch features that grab the attention of the masses. Bigger battery life is one of them. While Xiaomi phones already come with a battery saver mode, MIUI 11 features include an ultra battery saving mode which will be more efficient than the normal one. When you turn on the ultra battery saver mode, all the background process will be slowed or either shut down, the core processor will come to minimalistic performance hence saving your battery to end a long time. Even all the animations will be turned off. Basic services like calling, messaging and internet connectivity without background synchronization will be available. Even your wallpaper will be turned pitch black. Safe to say, MI phones won’t be switching off that often now.

4. A Better File Manager

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The existing File Manager on Xiaomi smartphones is a compelling one as it is easy to use and doesn’t have many complications. But MIUI 11 updates its File manager app bringing a lot of new exciting changes. Now you have the option to quickly lookout for files through thumbnails as they support all different types of formats. You can scroll and open files with PDF, DOCX and other office files without the requirement of third party applications. The document viewer is powered by the WPS office, so you would like it very much. If you think the old file manager of Xiaomi is pretty sleek, you should take a look at the new one.

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5. Preinstalled Mimoji

miui 11 update phone list

Out of the box in new MIUI 11 features, the update is preinstalled mimoji. Earlier you had to install a separate third party application to use Mimoji on your MI phones. However, you can now use Mimoji right on your smartphones without installing any app. With the new MIUI 11 update, the Mimoji feature has been given right on your camera app. There is a mimoji tab given at the bottom of the app, you can switch to it and start animating yourself. It supports head movements, mouth detection and facial expressions to some degree. It is surely isn’t the best in the market but it is definitely fun.

6. Activity Tracker

miui 11 update phone list

Our smartphones are one of the only things that we carry with us throughout the day thus making it the best way to track our daily activities, right? MIUI 11 has now a built-in step counter in all of our devices. It is quite similar to apps like Google Fir app and step-step go and you can easily use it from your App vault. It uses your walking pattern and accelerometer on your device to measure your steps. Although, it is not the most accurate but it is a great way to determine your daily walking schedule. For all female users, there is a menstrual cycle tracker installed within the calendar app to track their menstrual cycle and find tips for relaxation and better health.

7. Kid Space

miui 11 update phone list

Kid Space is a child mode that can be turned on while giving your smartphones to your kids. It was installed in the previous MI phones but equipped with advanced functions in the MIUI 11. Using it you can limit your child’s screen time and it can block certain apps and websites that you don’t want your kids to visit. You can ask your kids to solve the puzzle in return for extra screen time. Although Kid Space is not available everywhere. It is only available in beta mode and is being tested in China only. But rest assured, it will be released worldwide pretty soon.

8. Dynamic Video Wallpapers

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Dynamic video wallpaper is a unique and salient feature Xiaomi has released to gain publicity. With the new MIUI 11, you can now add dynamic video wallpapers on your mobile screen. You can use a personal video as both your lock and home screen wallpaper. Whenever you tap to unlock your smartphone, the videos will be played on the background of your device just like live wallpapers. You will also be able to enable the sound effect but that would be taking it too far. You can enable dynamic wallpaper straight from your gallery.

9. Force Dark Mode

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It’s a new trend. All the applications are enhancing their modules to adapt to dark mode. If your smartphone is eligible for the new MIUI 11 update based on Android 10 then you will be able to force any application on your smartphone to adapt to dark mode. On stock Android, the “override dark mode” option can be found under the Developers option. Although the same Global Dark Mode option can be found under the display settings page in the new MIUI 11 interface. According to test runs of this feature so far, it is working perfectly on most of the apps including chat messengers. There is also an option to schedule dark mode based on preference which is pretty awesome.

10. Dynamic Sound Effects

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Xiaomi has introduced a new Dynamic Sound effects feature in the new MIUI 11 updates. It is similar to Google’s Sounds App. Using it you can give a visual theme to ringtones, notifications and alarm sound. The new MIUI 11 has a large collection of dynamic sound effects that can be played depending upon the time and mood of the day. Like, you can have a different ringtone in the morning and different ringtones in the night. Also, MIUI 11 can detect if you are being called by a cab or food delivery and call play the ringtone accordingly. This feature is definitely a great one and is pretty awesome.


So these are all of the best new miui 11 features list that is going to change the Xiaomi experience for good. From major new upgrades to minor changes that are going to help you in a better way. If you think we missed a feature or you have any questions to ask, feel free to let us know in the comments section.