Microsoft is about to host an event on 2nd October for surface devices as reported by the company itself. The event will be hosted in New York City at 10 AM on 2nd October. Although it is very typical of Microsoft to reveal and launch new surface devices in the autumn, so this event could be where Microsoft reveals its first dual-screen surface device. The new dual-screen device that Microsoft has been building for more than 2 years now has been given a codename – “Centaurus”. It is designed to be a hero device for the new upcoming dual-screen laptop/tablet hybrid that is expected to enter the market in 2020.

Earlier this year, this new device was demonstrated by Microsoft in an internal meeting where it was revealed that Centaurus could be released later this year. Although it is not absolutely sure that Microsoft will surely reveal this hardware in their upcoming event.

Apart from Centaurus, other surface devices could be revealed too. Microsoft hasn’t updated its surface book for a long time so the updated version could be announced on the event. Microsoft’s Surface laptop could also see the addition of the C-type USB ports this year. Microsoft Surface Go Tablet which was introduced last year could also a minor upgrade in the October Surface event of Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Portable speakers could also be announced. They are designed in a more business-focused way and built around the Microsoft team. Microsoft is also rumored to be developing a light version of the Windows 10 OS and the Centaurus is said to be powered with it.

Microsoft Surface Event in Different Zones

  • San Francisco: 7 am on 2 October
  • Denver: 8 am on 2 October
  • New York: 10 am on 2 October
  • London: 3 pm on 2 October
  • Paris: 4 pm on 2 October
  • Berlin: 4 pm on 2 October
  • Beijing: 10 pm on 2 October
  • Tokyo: 11 pm on 2 October
  • Moscow: 5 pm on 2 October
  • New Delhi: 7:30 pm on 2 October
  • Cape Town: 4 pm on 2 October
  • Sydney: 12 am on 3 October

The Microsoft Surface Event will be live-streamed on the Microsoft Surface Event Page. You can log into here and check out for more details.