HP Printers are amongst the best printers in the world. They are for everyone. For home use and for professional purposes also. The new HP Wireless Printer series is one of the most economic ones and is very handy too but every now and then, there occurs a problem, probably because of some software malware or some hardware problem and it’s a real headache when you don’t know what to do, right? Sorting it out is not always that simple, that’s why we will tell you how to resolve HP Wireless Printer Problems.

There could be so many types of problems like:

  • Printer not found during Driver Installation.
  • Your Computer’s Wireless Setup Wizard cannot connect to the Wifi.
  • Your printer automatically loses connection to the Wi-Fi.
  • WPS doesn’t work.
  • When you try to connect to the Wireless network, the blue wireless lights keep on blinking.

See if one of these factors is the problem that you are facing with your HP wireless printers and follow the below-mentioned steps to fix it.

How To Fix HP Wireless Printer Problems

Although there are great chances your problem will be fixed using these steps but if still the problem persists, you can call the customer service for the information.

10. Connect To Your Printer With A Cable

Try and connect to your printer with a cable, this will help you determine if Wifi signal is the issue or not. If your printer is working while connected to the USB, you know where the problem lies.

Move Your Printer To A New Spot

Place your printer on the same premises or closer to your wireless router. The Wifi signals are invisible and they can be affected by obstacles such as home furniture, fridge, refrigerators, fish tanks, and many others. So make sure your Network is clear. You can move it near your device that you are using or place it next to your router.

Check Your Printer Queue

If a print job has an error, you need to cancel it ASAP to avoid any further damage to the printer. A large size document could take a really long time to download and process further.

Restart Your Printer

This is the traditional drill. We have been using it in all our electronics for years and its success rate is unmatched. Unplug your device, let it be for a few moments and then plug it back in. There are very good chances that your printer is fixed.

Update Your Firmware

Obsolete versions can have many vulnerabilities like bugs and major connectivity problems. That’s why manufacturers keep on updating their OS. Many times, routers and computers updates ruin the connection to the printer, that’s where a firmware update can be handful.

Make Sure Your Mobile Is On The Correct Network

If you have multiple wireless networks operating at the same time, there are chances that your printer is connected to one and your smartphone/computer is connected to another, thus these two devices are not going to connect. Make sure both your devices are on the same network to avoid conflicts.

Reset Your Printer

If everything fails, this is your last resort and what you should do. Doing a factory reset will clear everything including your login credentials, so you can log in again. If your HP printer has a display, you can find it on the settings menu. On some HP printers, you have to turn off the printer, keep it unplug for some 30 seconds and start it on by holding the resume button for 20 seconds. If you don’t know how to do that, you can read the user’s manual for assist.


This is how you can fix your HP Printers. If you know some other tricks to fix HP printers, feel free to share it with us and the rest of the users in the comments section. Keep visiting Technical Minds, we share the latest news and technology updates.