From Television to the internet, technology has taken a major turn in the last 10 years. The wide range of TV viewership has been taken over by online streaming on the Internet. If you are one of those who stream shows, movies, games and songs on the Internet, you must be aware of “Netflix”. Netflix is one of the top-notch streaming services in the world today. It is popular and in-trend worldwide for it has loads of great content. They have their own original content including original series, shows, and movies that are not available anywhere else. And considering times are tough, the economy is not that great and boost in membership fee, not everyone can afford the subscription. And if you are one of those who ask their friends to share the passwords, this article is for you. There are a few ways to stream Netflix for free and we are mentioning them in this article.

Netflix Account Sharing with Friends and Family

So there are various types of Netflix accounts like Basic, Standard, and Premium. While Basic plan only lets you watch one show or a movie at a time, Standard and Premium plans lets you watch multiple programs on multiple devices. Standard Plan lets you watch 2 things at a time whereas, the Premium plan lets you watch up to 4 shows or movies simultaneously.

You cannot stream movies and shows in HD, if you have a standard Netflix plan. If you are familiar or friends with someone who has a Netflix account and that too a Standard or Premium subscriptions (good chances ), you can ask them to give the password and if you are trusted enough, they would do that. You can simply log in and watch anything and that would not even interfere with their streaming.

Steps to Share Netflix Account

The Premium subscription of Netflix allows you to create 5 different profiles with each profile that can watch their own shows or movies and will have their own recommendations. So, it is safe to say, if you are willing, you can share your Netflix subscription with your friends or family without it getting intervened with your playlist and recommendations.

Follow these steps to set up a separate Netflix account:

(a) Log in to

(b) Tap on your user icon in the top right corner. If someone’s already using your account, you’ll come across the “Who’s Watching?” screen.

(c) Now select Manage Profiles.

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(d) Select the option – Add Profile.

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(e) Here enter the username for the new profile, and select Continue.

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(f) Select Done.

How to Get Additional Free Trials Again and Again

Being patient can get you many things and free Netflix is one of them. If you have a sense of patience and can go for a long time without Netflix, you can actually get many free trials. Although there is not an absolute guarantee, but nothing’s wrong with trying and this is completely legitimate trick.

When you sign up with Netflix for a free trial and cancel the free subscription before the end of the trial period, Netflix will come out and will reach out to you, typically it takes Netflix couple of months to send this mail but its not certain, it could be longer for certain people and less for others.

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But in case you do receive this mail form Netflix, just click on the associated link – Start Your Free Trial. It will redirect you to the Netflix page where you can renew your free trial membership.

How to Register for Unlimited Netflix Free Trials

Normally, you can only register for a single Netflix free trial. That’s how Netflix wants it to work but there is a trick. It is actually possible for you to sign up for multiple free trials by using alternate and different billing methods. You can register for Netflix account even without a credit card but if you have several ready to go credit cards, it will help you a lot.

You can sign up for a Netflix account with a credit card, debit card, PayPal or using Netflix gift code. If you have a reward or gift coupon which credit cards usually provide, you can use them for signing up.

Let’s see how to register for a free Netflix trial:

(a) Open


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(c) Tap on SEE THE PLANS Option.

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(d) Now Select the Plan and then tap on CONTINUE.

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(e) Enter an email address that you haven’t used before on Netflix and then password and click on CONTINUE.

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(f) Select the Payment Method.

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(g) Enter the billing information and select START MEMBERSHIP.

You can sign up as many times as you want with a different email and billing information. If you have more than one credit card, you can use them to sign up. If not, then you can pick up a Visa gift card, put some money and use it instead.

To avoid the use of many cards you have to keep signing up for more free trials or you can set up a PayPal account, link it to your card either credit or debit and use it for payment method instead.

How to Cancel Free Trials on Netflix

If you want to make a new Netflix account every time to enjoy a free trial, make sure you cancel the previous subscription before the trial period is over. If you don’t you will be charged on whatever billing method you have used.

Check out how to cancel the Netflix free trial

Log in to

Select your user icon on the topmost right corner of the screen.

Select Account.

Tap on Cancel Membership.

Select Finish Cancellation.

How to get Free Netflix from your Phone Providers

There are many phone companies, cellular operators and cable companies offering promotional free Netflix account if you purchase their connection. Although, it isn’t exactly free as you are buying something here but technically you are not paying for Netflix here and it is a valid way to get free Netflix.

If you want to buy a new smartphone or a new cable connection or maybe a new SIM connection, it’s worth a try to look out for good deals. And if you already subscribe to the company which provides free Netflix or Prime Video, you might as well take the advantage.


These are the legal and legitimate ways of getting free Netflix and stream shows and movies for free. If you have any queries or suggestions to make, feel free to hit us in the comments section. We continuously update new tips and tricks about many other stuff, so keep visiting for the latest updates from the technology world.