Android Dev Summit 2019 will start later this month and guess what, Google has just announced? Well, it was no wonder that Android 11 is in the works. The full conference schedule was posted by Google yesterday in the official Android App for the event and also makes the first reference to the upcoming “Android 11”.

One of the sessions in the two-day conference is named, “Preparing for Scoped Stage in Android 11”. This makes clear that Google is trying to get developers ready for the new upcoming features in Android 11. Earlier Google switched the naming to August and after the release of Android 10, this is the first official sign of the next major release.

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Google has always used Codenames for their earlier OS, while Google has already adopted “Android 11” right out of the box instead of using codenames in its public announcements. Until its 9th version, it was all fun and games, guessing what would Google name their new OS and they generally named it after a dessert. When Android 10 was released without a desert name, it was quite shocking and disappointing to some people.

Although, Google wasn’t really sure about this official Android 11 reference and tried to put it in doubt with the complete session details only appearing on the Android Client and not the web version. Android DEV Summit will be held later this month in Mountain View, California and is scheduled for 2 days.