Free download games for PC, that’s something many internet visitors frequently want to know about. High profile consoles may have taken gaming to the next level but nothing beats the experience and aura of PC gaming. The nostalgia and memories that it brings from our childhood are pure gold. There is a large number of PC gamers waiting for the arrival of the best new games for PC all the time and game companies introduce their latest games to PC every now and then just like recently announced Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version. Video Gaming still remains one of the most recreational activities people tend to do after a long workday. We have often wondered about the sites that provide the best PC games for free. So, in this article, we have compiled the list of Best Sites to free download games for PC.

1. Acid Play

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Acid Play is hands down amongst the best sites for best PC games free download. For starters, Acid Play has a huge gaming library which includes some of the best pc games. You can either set a customized search to search for the exact game you are looking for or you can check out the Top games and recommended section. You can also sort the games by their ratings. The games in Acid Play are very easy to download. You may find these attributes in other sites but the combination of these attributes and varieties is pretty rare.

2. Best Old Games

best pc games free download is a very classy website. Nothing beats this if you are a fan of classic old school games. There are hundreds of games listed here that will bring back memories from your childhood making it an overall great site while many games listed here are not available right now as they are no longer supported by their original creator. The authenticity factor is also there. Many games available are not compatible with the recent versions of the windows and to play those games you will have to download a DOS emulator like DOSBox or something.


pc games download site is one of the best pc games download sites. It has a large library of free PC games that you can download and also free online games that you can stream via the site itself. This site has an interactive interface that helps you find and download your desired game in the easiest way. Also, Advertisements are always a bummer and get you off most of the time. There are no advertisements on this site.


windows 7 games list is certainly one of the best pc games free download sites. It also has a huge collection of freeware games to download. It has over 4,000 games 2D and 3D available and is one of the most frequently updated websites. There are no demos or shareware games here. You must visit this site to download all those epic games.

5. Home of the Underdogs

best pc games free download

Home of the Underdogs is a freeware site and it offers a huge collection of games to download. It has over 5,000 listed games which include the most epic old skool and some of the rarest ones too. Although after a series of remodeling, the newest version of Home of the Underdogs no longer offers the download, instead you can get details on the best amongst the thousands of games and then a search option to find the sites where you can download it. Regardless it still remains one of the best sites to pc games free download.

6. Mega Games

pc games download site

Mega Games is another one of the most recommended sites for online gaming and to download pc games. You can download any game directly to your PC. You can download 3D games for free, you can also download 3D Playstation games to your PC. It also provides free cheat codes to all the gamers who want them. The best thing about Mega games is it has different varieties of games divided into various categories.


pc games download site

As the name suggests, is the site where you can download all games whatsoever. This site has gone through an update and has now a more user-friendly interface. There are forums like gaming, user reviews, commenting and much more which helps you download the best PC games. There are multiple links available for a single download. Games are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac too.

8. Ocean of Games

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Ocean of Games is surely one of the best sites to download PC games. You will find all the new games listed on the homepage of the Ocean of games but there is also an option to manually search function and genre-based categories.

9. Origin Games

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Origin Game is another top site to download free computer games. It has a long library of games including a lot of virtual games available. Apart from normal games, you can also download some of the most premium games based on your choice. It is highly recommended if you have a unique and classic choice in games.

10. Gamer Sky

pc games download free windows 7

Gamer Sky is one of the foremost names in the list of the best sites for free PC games download. This is a Chinese website and it has a library of online games and the games you can download on your PC. This is one of the largest pirated games websites in the world and offers almost every full version game of various categories. Although the games have been listed in Mandarin, so you can use Google translator to translate them in English. Download and enjoy.


We hope this list of Best sites for free download games for PC is helpful to you finding your desired games for PC. We will update it very soon with new other options but if you have any suggestions to make, feel free to share it with the rest of us in the comments section.