It’s been more than 10 years since the launch of Android and it has certainly come a long way in the last decade in terms of compatibility, functionality, and quality of service, and it is still getting refined with every new update now and then. In this period, Google has implemented and removed so many apps and features on Android. Some remained and return back with enhancements while the others have gone for good. Many of them feature returned and were kept hidden under many places of Android. We have compiled some of the best-hidden Android features that you must know about. These hidden features range from privacy, security to the ease of use and then there are some new features that might have gone out of radar. So without further ado, let’s take a look into them.

1. Autofill Verification Code

Whenever you download an app and install it, it asks for an OTP verification and many of you would have granted permission without a thought. But it could be a serious breach of security as most apps would get intel of all your test messages without your consent. To prevent his, Google has implemented the new API called SMS Retriever. It allows apps to capture OTP without asking for SMS permission. To enable this feature, you need to go to Settings>Google>Verification Code Autofill and turn the toggle to ON. Also, make sure to enable the Autofill service by google.

2. Enable Force Dark Mode

Dark Mode is becoming a necessity now. Everyone seems to be running after the Dark Mode, be it Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. But do you know you can enable Dark Mode forcibly on most of the Apps with Android Settings? Although to do that, you need the latest Android 10 build. In order to that, you have to go to Settings>About Phone. Once you are there, you will see the build number. Tap on it for 7 times back to back, you will get a notification saying, “Developers Options have been enabled”. Go back to the setting page and search for “Override force-dark”. Click on the first result and turn the toggle ON. Restart your device and check if Dark Mode has been enabled to all your apps.

3. Share WiFi with QR Code

We all have been in situation when someone asks us to turn on the hotspot and ask for wifi password but either we have forgotten it because it’s too complicated or simply not comfortable to share. But what if you could share your wifi network with a QR Code? The new Android 10 has brought his feature to smartphones. To use this, you have to go to the Settings > Wifi. You will find the QR code scanner beside the “Add Network” section. Anyone who scans it will be connected in no time.

4. What’s this song?

You can use Google Assistant’s feature “What’s this song?” through a widget called “Sound Search” that comes on all Android phones with which your smartphone can tell the song’s name from music playing on your smartphone, TV, radio anything. To use it just tap on an empty screen on your smartphone, then tap on widgets, then swipe the menu and look for Sound Search widget. Tap it and throw it to the home screen.

5. Focus Mode

Google has introduced a new feature in the Android 10 build called “Focus Mode to Digital Wellbeing. With Digital Wellbeing you can control the screen time of various apps but with focus mode, you can completely block certain apps so you can focus on what you are upto. To enable Focus Mode, go to Settings> Digital Wellbeing> Focus Mode. Select the apps that might be distracting to you and enable Focus Mode from the Quick settings panel.

6. Split Screen with One Button

If you already have an app open and want to use another app, you can activate the split screen feature and use both apps simultenaeously. You just have to long press the recent apps button. The apps that has already been opened will be pinned to the top tab which is in the upper half of the screen and you can choose any apps from your collection to pin at the second half of the screen. It is a very handy feature and you must use it.

7. Show Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Do you know, you can modify your status bar using a hidden Android trick and using it you can make your smartphone clock shows Hours, minutes and seconds as well. For that you have to enable System’s UI turner. Go to quick settting panel, now press and hold the gear icon on the top right corner. Hold it for 10 seconds, you will see a message informing that the System UI Turner is now unlocked. Once it is unlocked, go to “Status Bar” option and select “Time”. Now select “Hours, Minutes, Seconds”.

8. Unlock Your Phone With A Bluetooth Device

You can keep your smartphone unlocked when its paired with a bluetooth device. This feature comes in handy when you have smartwatch or a Bluetooth headphones that are mostly connected to your smartphone. When you are connected, you can keep your device unlocked when in the signal range, and when you go out of the range, it will be automatically locked.

9. Take Pics With the Volume Button

In many smartphones, the camera app lets you use volume rocker to take the photos. You just have to open the camera app, focus on your image subject and press the volume up or volume down button to take the image. It could be a default setting or you have to enable the feature on from your camera settings.

10. Default USB Config

If you are used to connect your smartphone to the PC and this quite often, this feature is going to help you alot. With Android 10, you can now choose your default configuration. If you transfer photos, files or whatever, just select desired settings and you are set. To set it up, you have to open settings and search “Default USB”, now tap on the first result that appears. Here you can select “File Transfer” or any other settings that you prefer.

11. Uninstall Multiple Apps

You can now uninstall multiple apps at once in Android and it is one of the best new feature introduced in Android. And it works on the older Android versions as well. To do that, open Google Play Store, click on Hamburger Menu and select – “My apps and games”. Now move to the Installed section and then tap on “Storage”. Now select all the apps that you want to remove and tap on “Free Up” button. Here you go, multiple apps deleted with just one click.

12. Google Maps Street View

Street View is probably the coolest feature Google Maps has to offer. You can watch hotels, landmarks, restaurants anywhere in the world. And now that Street View Layer has been added to the Google Maps, it looks pretty decent. Although, it doesn’t works everywhere. To see if street view works in your area, open Google Maps and tap on the layer icon which you will find at the top right corner. Click on the Street view icon now and zoom out to find blue lines on the map. If you tap on the blue lines, it will show you the street view of that region.